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Tips for handling "Post traumatic stress disorder" effectively

Tips in Handling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Handling post traumatic stress disorder differs from one patient to another because it depends on its cause and relative severity. A psychotherapist is the best person to advice you in handling this disorder, but there are general tips that can make you recover from this and lead a good quality of life. These tips are set by many mental health experts and you will know about them in this article.

Coping strategies must be used to handle post traumatic stress disorder. One of these strategies is to get therapy if you really wish to go through the process of healing from the trauma you experience. The three usual therapeutic techniques include cognitive behaviour therapy, cognitive therapy and lastly, exposure therapy. All these help you cope up with post traumatic stress disorder.

Symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder must be fought and overcome. You will only receive cure from this condition if you truly want to recover from it. Heal by resisting the desire to isolate yourself from society. Break routines that aggravate your symptoms. 

Do not self-medicate. There are sufferers of this disorder who drink alcohol and take drugs to escape from it. In the end, these vices will just ruin you all the more.  

Talk to someone you trust. It is not necessary to speak of the event that traumatized you. You just need to be with someone so that you will not isolate yourself from society. If you detach yourself, it will just harm you all the more.

Have a support group composed of people who suffer the same condition. The group will be able to help you cope up with your disorder. It will be beneficial to you if you learn from what other people have gone through and how they are able to fight the symptoms.

You should also take plenty of rest, have a good diet and be physically active to deal with post traumatic stress disorder. This will provide you strength for you to fight this condition.

You should also remain mentally active because this shall stop a sluggish mind, which characterizes this disorder. It will also stop you from thinking about traumatic events since you will be busy thinking about other matters. You should have a hobby which needs focus, practice, skill and thought.

If your therapist has additional suggestion, follow them because he or she has more coping mechanism, which can help the kind of case you are suffering from.

Be aware that the symptoms of this disorder will not appear immediately after the event that traumatized you. They may manifest after months or even years. If the event that brought trauma to you is harrowing, traumatic or violent, talk to your therapist. Even if the symptoms manifest in you or not, speaking to a therapist will help you a lot.

It is important to know more about the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. These include anger, sleep disorders or increased startle response. If you feel these symptoms for a long time or if you experience disturbances that hinder your ability to function, go to a medical expert immediately.
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