Monday, 18 November 2013

Understanding "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder"

Doctors say that one of the most difficult type of anxiety disorder and problem to deal with is “post traumatic stress
disorder”, previously known as shell shock and also battle fatigue. These names indicate a lack willingness of some
soldiers to go back to the duty, trying to ‘fake’ symptoms in order to do so. In those old days it was very discomfiting
to see pictures of soldiers re-living their traumatic problems and experiences as if they were still happening to them.
Though now it is called as "post traumatic stress disorder", it is the same old weakening disorder that literally spoiled
and ruined the lives of a lot of soldiers. However, nowadays, lives can be saved from getting ruined due to this
dangerous disorder if the problem is identified and dealt with as soon as possible and if the treatment is focused on
the main cause of the disorder rather than trying to identify and cure individual symptoms. Let us have a look at some
of the main causes, reasons, symptoms, and the type of treatments of post traumatic stress disorder.
It may result from calamities like way, passing away of a loved one, a major accident or severe or permanent
disability, or to kids who witnesses killings, child abuse or those suffered from abuse like rape, a life threatening
accident, natural disaster or any other type of abuse which is against humanity. In short, it may result from a major
type of shock which has an effect on the lifestyle of an individual in a very big and negative way. This disorder leads
to problems like extremely high level of fear, anxiety, guilty feeling(blaming self for a big mistake), loss of control over
self, extreme anger, severe or high level of depression, nightmares, change in lifestyle, and many more severe
problems. If it affects a children, the effects can also be learning problems and disability, self abusing and lack of

Research shows that this disorder is characterized by two specific type of symptoms, the first is labeled arousal and the other is avoidance symptoms. The arousal symptom includes moodiness, lack of memory and concentration, aggressive reacting and being more prone towards violence. The avoidance symptom includes lack of willingness and the inability to remember about the trauma, and lack of desire to feel, talk or discuss about emotions. It is important to note that the time taken for the symptoms to show may vary greatly. In some cases you may see these symptoms in the deceased in just about  two to three months while in some others it may take years. Also, it is not necessary that every person with these symptoms develop post traumatic stress disorder; for some these symptoms may even stop after just about a month. In such consitions, the internet becomes a source for related programs which deals with such type of anxieties which relates to such symptoms, and it prevent the onset of a deeper post traumatic stress disorder, or may even help to completely avoid it.
It is necessary that the individuals experiencing this disorder be treated as soon as the disorder is identified and before this trauma still has a chance to be properly suppressed and avoided, which is hidden deep in the victim’s mind. Getting in touch with loved ones frequently is quite important too. Fortunately, nowadays many such treatments are available for getting rid of such anxiety related problems and disorders. While some methods focuses completely on removing the disorder from the root, some others, like the cognitive behavior methods and programs, focuses on effectively managing  the stress and anxiety disorders. The main treatment form usually involves Psychotherapy; while the others are group therapy, which helps in reconnecting the victim with a social circle, the drama therapy which provides the means to effectively produce things likes reenacting a event and dealing and managing the disorder related triggers, feelings and the strange emotions caused to the trauma; and faith based groups offering support and emotional, spiritual as well as physical recreation and healing; along with natural supplements and specific types of meditations which are also considered as an effective type of treatment for this dangerous post traumatic stress disorder.